Personal Dictionaries or Word Books for Writing

Do your students struggle with spelling? Writing is the time when I really want my students to use all their strategies to spell a word. Also they can use all their resources. This is one reason I love using personal dictionaries or word books. Students can look up a word to see if it is on the word list and if they can't find it, they can ask a friend to help them spell it. Lastly, they can bring me their book and I will write it in their book. I always ask my students, "Did you use all your resources first?" Then I will help them. Personal dictionaries can be a powerful tool to help your writers. I often see young writer's struggle because they don't know how to spell a word, this is just one tool that can help them over that block!

Word you love a copy of my Personal Word Books? I have two versions, full page format and half page format (you can print two to a page) Click the picture to get your copy:


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