Using the New Digital Activity Tool on Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers has launched one of the BEST new features! I am so excited about how this is going to save teachers a ton of time this coming year.  We all are nervous about what this school year will bring...Will we be having face to face lessons? Will we be doing some or all of our instruction online? Either way, taking an existing resource and using it in a virtual environment is going to be so helpful!
Teachers Pay Teachers has been working on a solution to this very issue. This new tool will allow the buyer to take a PDF resource and add text boxes for answers and there is even a drawing tool and a highlighter. If a seller opts in to have their resources used with the Digital Activity tool, the buyer will be able to download the resource in the normal way and also add the digital layer. Then the teacher can assign directly to Google Classroom! 
Another awesome thing is that some sellers are enabling this tool and adding all the answer boxes for you! How easy is that?
I made a little video to help show you how it all works. I really hope this tool helps you in the coming school year.

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