Getting back to school this year is sure to be interesting. If you are going face to face or digital or a combination of the two, we are going to need to be prepared to be flexible! If last spring taught us anything is that our teaching situation can change over night. My district is going to start off digital then hopefully move to face to face. So building community over a virtual platform is going to be tricky. But it really should be our first priority. Our kids mental health is going to have to be number one. 

Keeping students engaged in the online curriculum and participating is going to be a challenge. Last spring, I saved Fridays for some fun activities and theme days were a super fun way to keep everyone engaged. 

Here is a quick little list of theme days for distance learning. Most of these require items that students will probably have around their house. The last thing you want is parents having to purchase anything special.

1) Beach Day or Luau Day:
2) Hat Day

3) Favorite Sports Jersey

4) PJ Day
5) Picnic Day

6) Pet Day
7) Camping Day

8) Pirate Day

9) Book Character Day

10) Grandparents Day (share about their grandparents or dressing up like old folks)
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