Google Classroom: How can I use a template for student work?

After my first week of teaching on-line with second graders, I was a complete wreck! I couldn't keep track of who finished the work I was assigning. I had some things posted in Google Classroom, other assignments in our learning management system. It was a mess, and y'all when I can't get organized I can get so stressed out!

So I made a decision to stick with only Google Classroom (this may be hard for some as your district does not provide this or you "have to" use what your district tells you) either way, these templates might help you out.

I started a template of assignments for students. It made it so much easier to see what they needed to complete and for me to check the work. Also it helped avoid that super long list that starts accumulating in your Classwork Feed. (Don't get me started on this!)

I made a template and when students turn it in, then I can see what they have completed. So I am sharing these with you. I have created 17 different styles to fit your needs. I am going with a daily template like this one:
But I have also included weekly ones as well. All you need to do is copy the slides you want to use and make a new presentation. Need help with that? Click here for some super easy directions: here
Then add your own links and text boxes.

You can get all the FREE templates right HERE! Make sure you are signed into your Google Drive and this will force a copy for you!
Did I mention they are free? I really hope this helps alleviate some stress for you!


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