Google Slides Tutorial: How to use one slide at a time

Since everything has gone "digital" and "distance learning" overnight, teachers have had to learn different programs and technology faster than the speed of light! These times are pushing us out of our comfort zones and for many teachers we are trying new things. This may be the positive out of this whole situation. I use Google Slides quite a bit and I know many districts are using Google Classroom as a way of assigning work to students. So the one question I am hearing is this: I have a huge file of Google Slides that I created or purchased, how can I share one slide at a time with my students?

Let me help you out with some easy to follow steps:

1. First open the file you want to pull slides from.

2. Then go to file>new>presentation

3. In your new presentation, you may have to change the slide size or orientation. This can be done under file>page setup

4. Go back to original presentation. Right click on the slide you want to copy. You can copy more than one (if they are all in a row) by holding down the shift bar.

5. Then go back into the new presentation and right click paste.

6. That is it, just make sure you name your new presentation with a name you will remember so you won't forget what it is.

Are you in need of great Google Slides to integrate into your online instruction? Here are a few things I have that might help you out:

I hope your digital teaching is going well, prayers for everyone to stay safe and healthy!


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