If you're like me, you need to maximize your instructional time! We barely have time in our schedule for bathroom breaks and it just seems like we can't fit it all in. When my friends are eating snack we are using precious class time, now don't get me wrong....I feel that snack is important! You can teach them if they are hungry. It's just that snack time has turned into social time.

My team and I were talking about fact fluency and how to fit in time for practicing math facts and then I had a great idea. We need to take snack time and make it productive and fun! I made this slide to let them know it was practice time. I had all our flash cards ready in one basket. We also had to discuss practice and eating at the same time! I put a progress bar on the bottom of the slide. It is set for 10 minutes, so at the end of the 10 minutes all snacks are done and flash cards need to be put away.  Would like the powerpoint slide? Just click on the picture!

They absolutely loved our first Snacks and Facts day! When I asked how they thought it went, everyone said, "Can we do it again tomorrow!" I think that means it was a huge hit!

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