One of the things I love about teaching is that I have the opportunity to make a fresh start every single year. What other professions offer this? I love that I can reflect on the previous year and make changes to things that didn't work. Or keep things that went great. If I had a rough year with my class, I know I am getting a whole new group with different personalities and behaviors. The awesome thing is our students get a fresh start as well. I have had quite a few students that had trouble in previous years but I was able to click with them and they had a great year.
At the beginning of every school year, I like to set some goals for myself. I reflect on what I would like to accomplish in my class with my teaching. Also, professional learning I would like to complete and I think about some personal goals. The first step in reaching goals is to actually write them down! By writing your goals down, you can hold yourself accountable and celebrate those goals that you achieve. I made these sheets to help me do exactly this!

You can get yours too! For free, just click the pic:
I included some great posters for you as well:

My wish is that you reach your goals and have a great school year!

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