Take the BLAH out of Multiplication Practice!

It's a huge deal to kids when they get to start learning their multiplication facts! It is the number one thing my second graders said they want to learn next year. After many years teaching third grade, I have learned a few tips and tricks to help students master those facts. 

I know this has been around a long time, but I still love the Multiplication Sundae. I give students a copy of the chart (below) and put it in a page protector in their agendas. When they pass a test, they color in the next step on the chart. We celebrate after most students have mastered their facts by having an Ice Cream Party.  Click the picture to get my FREE chart!
 I started making multiplication lanyards a few years ago and they work so well. I give each child a lanyard and the first set of facts. They choose which fact they want to concentrate that day and have it on top. Then when they are walking around the school or in class, people will stop them and ask them that fact. I love it when we are filing into music or art and the specials teacher stops each one to ask them their fact. It works awesome. Also, when I want to quickly practice with a student, they just bring their lanyard to me and pull out their cards.  Click the picture to download my FREE fact practice packet!
 Kids love computers so I've complied the best FREE and PAID websites for practice. My absolute favorite is Reflex but it is pretty expensive. They have educator grants, which is how I have been able to have my students get access to this awesome site. They are not accepting grant applications right now, but I would keep checking back Reflex Math Grants for when they open up the application process again.  If you download the picture you can click the links:
Kids love to play games, it just makes learning more fun! Whole class games like Around the World have been around forever. I have invented a great twist to this game called King of the Mountain. I have one student stand on something like a milk crate. That person starts out as King (or Queen) of the Mountain. Then the class lines up to challenge that person to become King of the Mountain. It is a fast paced game that kids just love!
Get your King of the Mountain power point here:
i know there are probably a ton more fun ways to practice multiplication facts. These are just a few of my favorites!

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