Family Emergency Binder

One thing I do over the summer is get organized! Something that has been on my list for awhile is a family emergency binder....I realized that I pay all our bills and if anything happened to me, my husband would have no idea how to get into our accounts. I went on Pinterest (of course!) and all the emergency binders out there just didn't work for me. So I made my own! Even though this is not teaching related at all, I thought I would share it here,

A few tips:
This file is editable in powerpoint, so after you download it you will need open it in powerpoint to edit. You can delete any pages you won't need. I got all our important documents and information together before starting to put it together. I also got some page protectors to hold birth certificates and other important documents. 

Another really important thing to consider before you put this together is where you will keep it. A fire-proof safe is really the best place. But if you don't have a safe, then put it in a secure location. If mine was not in a safe I think I would not use the cover. That way it would not be evident what it was if someone came across it.  
Click the picture to get your copy!
I hope this helps you get a little more organized!

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