What I'm reading this summer.....

I am really getting ready for summer already....it can't get here fast enough! One reason I love summer is time to read. I usually don't have time during the school year, as you can probably relate! In anticipation of summer, I have started getting my summer reading list ready. So here's what I will be reading:

Ron Clark's newest book The Essential 55 comes out April 30th, I can't wait to get this one! We all can learn something from Ron Clark.

If you are a fan of Gerry Brooks like I am, you'll love this book Go See the Principal! I have been following all his videos and think he's hilarious! This book is also due out at the end of April.
                                      Go See the Principal: True Tales from the School Trenches

I grew up watching Mister Rogers, his gentle mannerisms and outlook on life and children was exceptional. This new book The World According to Mister Rogers will just be a feel good, lift you up book. This one is due out May 14th.
The last book is Educated, A Memoir. Just reading the book jacket of this book will hook you into reading it! The author writes about her life and escape from rural Idaho, where her father isolated his whole family. She never saw the inside of a classroom until she was seventeen years old! I can't wait to read this one!
What will you be reading this summer??

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