Let's Talk: Hall Passes

Can we talk about Hall Passes? I just can't even begin to think about how germy those things are! I have a thing about lanyard passes because they are so long they get wet and whatever else.....so I really wanted to get some ideas together that are an alternative to lanyards. Here are three of my favorites. They are sanitary and easy to implement. No more germs!

The first one that I love is from Keeping Up With Mrs. Harris. She puts those tap on lights by the door and students tap the light before they leave the classroom. With this method, you can make sure only one boy and one girl are in the bathroom at a time.
The second one is such a great idea! It comes from ABC's with Mrs. B. Students put the hand sanitizer on their desk before they leave the classroom. Then at the very least they remember to clean their hands when they return! Her labels are freebies as well.
In my school, students should have a pass when they leave the classroom. So I found clear badges  that clip onto students' shirts. Since they are not expensive (I found mine at office depot). I change them out frequently!
I have them hanging on a side of a filing cabinet near the door. This has worked out great this year!

You can grab your free template here! It is editable too, just add your name. Be sure to download first, then you can type in the name field.
What is your favorite way for students to check out of the classroom? 

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