We've been working on the skill of point of view in reading this week. In second grade, students just need to acknowledge differences in the points of view of characters but when searching for resources I had a really hard time! Most of the resources ask students to name the point of point; first person, third person etc. So I had to get creative and make a few things myself.

We read a TON of great books to discuss point of view! Here are just a few of my favorites:
For each one we used an anchor chart that focused on the how the character acted, what he/she said, thought and felt. I had students put post it notes on the chart so I could keep using it for different stories. During the reading and interacting with the stories, we wore "point of view glasses". When we were wearing the glasses we could "see" through the eyes of the character. My students loved the glasses! We decorated then and used them for several days. I shared the printable for you to use below:
Click the picture to get your FREE printable glasses!
After students were comfortable talking about the point of view in shared books, I had them focus on point of view in the books they are reading in their book boxes. I gave them several different graphic organizer choices, and we glued them into our Reading Notebooks.
By the end of the week, students really had a great grasp of the skill. I could easily go back into their notebooks and see how they made connections to the mini lesson.

I hope you enjoy the freebies and it helps you teach this important skill!

I know I have said it before but I love Valentine's Day! Everyone can in my class can participate and it is just a nice day to show we love and care for each other. 

One thing I do is have my students start off the day complimenting their classmates. I have them pass out compliments and put them in each other's Valentine bags before they pass out their cards. Then, when they are looking at their cards, they can read all the nice things friends have said about them.

                                Click the pic to get your freebie:
I usually don't have my students make a box or bag at home. I  like having them make one in class. These Dollar Store bags are cheap and easy. You can make them out of gift bags or brown bags work just as well. You can get see how I made these here. I love how cute they are!

Need some great freebies? These awesome resource should fill your day with fun!

                                                 click to download your copy:
I can't wait for next week! I hope your day is filled with love from your students and not too much candy....

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