Resource Roundup!

Happy New Year everyone! I just love January in my classroom, kids are looking forward to coming back and it just seems like we can get right to work. I feel like I can really see the progress we've made and see how far they've come since the first day.

I thought I would start a little something different in the new year....I want to commit to sharing great resources with you this year. So each month (or topic) I will be doing a new post called Resource Roundup. It will be a gathering of free resources for each topic or theme. So to start it off, here's the best resources I've found to help with those first few days back to school. What a great time to spend reflecting and goal setting before diving into your curriculum and standards.

To get the links just click on the picture, download and then you can click on each resource:
What a great collection of ideas for you! I hope your first day back is awesome and you feel energized to finish the year out strong.

Happy New Year!
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