100th Day of School Fun

I'm so excited that the 100th Day of School is right around the corner! It is just a fun day at school and there is so much that we can do this day to incorporate fun activities with learning time. I absolutely love to read lots of books on this day. My students love when I pull out a bunch of new books on a certain theme we are studying. 

Here are some of my favorites:
Click the picture to download:

Some of my go-to activities for the 100th Day of School:
  • Writing activities like "If I had a 100 dollars" are so much fun.
  • 100th Day trail mix snack
  • 100th Day exercises
  • Look at life 100 years ago. This is a super cute resource for this. Check it out HERE.
  • STEM activities like build the tallest tower you can with 100 blocks or 100 cups
  • and one of my personal favorite, dress like you are 100 years old.
I have taken the time to find some FREE 100th day resources!
Click the picture to download:
I know no matter how you celebrate the day, it is one day that kids JUST LOVE!

Have a great 100th day and think......already half way through the school year! Summer will be here before we know it.

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