Making your own personal Happy Planner

Why buy a planner that is not truly customized for you? One thing I really wanted was a planner I could ADD my own papers to. Then I found the Happy Planner discs and fell in love! I am so excited about my new planner this year! 

And I just love how it turned out! There is a slight investment up front with the punch, discs and TAB punch, however you will be able to use these from year to year. In fact, this year I summer all I did was change my cover and add the calendar pages and that was it. I will print off  my new class lists and some new meeting pages and to-to lists when school starts. Easy!

One thing I love about the Happy Planner punch is that I can easily add and take pages out. If I go to an important meeting I take my planner with me. Take notes and then add any documents or handouts I get as soon as I get back to my room. Everything all in one place and NO MORE heavy binders.
I got the Happy Planner punch and discs at Michael's   (also Joann's recently had all the stuff on sale!)

I got the Tab Punch and Stickers at Amazon. (I am obsessed with this thing, I want to tab everything!!)

I printed my cover and dividers on cardstock. I laminated the cover but did not laminate the dividers. I then used the Happy Planner punch and discs to put it all together.

Then I got my tabs ready. I labeled my dividers Calendars, Curriculum, Class Info, Data, Small Groups, and To-Do List. But the nice thing is you can you can change the labels to fit your needs. I also have the labels free for you! Just click the picture for a link to a Google slide. To punch the labels, you position the punch over the words and cut.
Now, it was time to decided what to put in my planner! I knew I needed calendars, class lists, meeting notes, committee notes, to-do lists....and I made it all editable in Power Point. 

You will love the different styles I designed this summer:
                                  Editable Teacher Planner

All the Teacher Things - Editable Teacher Planner

Farmhouse Teacher Planner- Editable

Happy Planning! 

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