Quick and Easy Bucket Seats

I needed to replace my IKEA stools this summer because they just did not make it through my class last year.....so I thought I would make some bucket seats. Kids love to tip and rock and I knew these would probably hold up better but every post I looked at either called for painting buckets or cutting wood circles. And I did not have the time or ability to do either of those things!!!
The first thing I found was buckets at WalMart that were only $2.97 each. They were a nice blue color that didn't have a huge logo on them so there was no need to paint anything. I could totally live with the blue, but if you don't like the color then maybe painting would be something you might want to do. The second thing I decided to do is turn the buckets upside down so that the kids would be sitting on the bottom.

Then I cut out a circle of cardboard and a circle of 2 inch foam. Then I covered the circle of foam with some cute fabric and hot glued it to the cardboard. The next step is to hot glue the fabric covered circle to the bottom of the bucket. Then you are done. I decorated around the edge with some duck tape. 

Easy as pie! These will be comfy and hold up much better around my guided reading table than those $5 IKEA stools!  

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