A New Twist on an Old Game

Do you remember playing around the world when you were a kid? I used to love playing whole class games like this! My class loves it too! This is a fun game I made up called King (or Queen) of the Mountain. But more about that in a minute..... first I want to talk about the downside of playing whole group games like this.

The thing is that only two people can play while the rest of the class just sits and waits for their turn. Now theoretically, you want them paying attention so that they can be practicing their math facts or reviewing for the quiz with everyone else....but is that always happening? How do you keep everyone engaged when playing a whole class game?

It wasn't until I read The Wild Card by Hope and Wade King and read their amazing idea....and thought, duh? Of course! 
In this amazing book Hope and Wade discuss so many ways to keep students engaged! It was here I had my ah-ha moment....now during whole class games, everyone has a white board in front of them or in my class we just write on our desks with dry erase markers. They ALL write the answers as quick as they can! Everyone is practicing even though the two standing up front are the only ones actually competing.

Now...back to King of the Mountain!! Kids love this game. One person stands on a crate or even a chair, the object of the game is the challenger to answer the fact quicker and "knock" the king or queen off the mountain. But they have to watch out for 
Land Slides and Blizzards! 
This is just fun and fast paced. It only takes a few minutes to play but it gets kids practicing their facts!
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