Solar Eclipse Safety and Activities

Did you hear? There's a huge event next week...something about an eclipse?? Since I am in Georgia we are very close to the path, so much so that my district is keeping kids in school one hour longer for their safety. We don't want kids getting off buses at around the time of the eclipse and not being supervised. Luckily, my principal is providing us all with approved glasses. Thank goodness! I am a little more than freaked out about someone getting hurt under my watch!

So I thought I would put together a few tips for anyone who might be interested in finding out about how to safely enjoy this once-in-every-forty-years event!

Here is the official NASA website that let's you know the best information on how to view the eclipse: NASA website-Safety Tips
NASA also recommends that only glasses listed on their approved website are safe. You can find that list here: NASA Approved Glasses

Since it happening next week, if you don't have glasses or you don't want to chance it. Having your students build their own Solar Eclipse Viewer is a great STEM idea. This is a great video showing step by step directions students can follow:
Solar Eclipse Viewer

If you are not in the path, you can still teach about the event! I love this animated video that shows the path of the eclipse over the US. You could really tie in some geography with this too.

This is another video that explains to kids exactly what happens during an eclipse and it's adorable!
Teaching about the solar eclipse
There are some really awesome resources for this event as well! Here are a few of my favorites.

Enjoy the event! 

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