Dollar Store Valentine Treat Bags

Valentine's Day is so close! Are you ready?? I don't know about y'all but I like doing our Valentine bags in class. I like having them all look similar and I don't want to burden my families with having to make a box or a bag at home. But having said that, I like something easy that won't take us too long to make.

Dollar Store gift bags are great for this! I picked up bags (2 bags for a dollar) and some packs of their foam sticker hearts. All of these bags are made with the hearts only. I had to trim a few of the hearts for some of the pieces but students could easily do this. The only other supply we added was googly eyes. You could totally use construction paper eyes though.
Using just hearts, I made a dog and a fox.
I also made a butterfly and a cute little pig.
And finally a crab and a mouse.
The best part about these bags are the Name Tags! I laminate them and then attach using temporary double sided tape, then later students can take their names off and use them as bookmarks! I love being able to use things over again and not just throwing them away. 

You can make yours by downloading this freebie:

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Hope you feel loved and appreciated!

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