Hey everyone! I hope you had a great New Year and are energized to finish out this school with a bang! 

At this point of the year, my readers are focusing on comprehension and getting ready for the types of questions they will have on that dreaded standardized test, The Georgia Milestones. One of my go-to websites has always been ReadWorks. They have great passages, on a variety levels with higher level questions....just what we need in Third Grade. Oh and did I mention, it's free!

But then, they stepped it up! The came out with ReadWorks Digital and ya'll this is so easy...it's amazing! Within 10 minutes, I cut and pasted my students names to create their log on. Chose some passages for them to choose from. I decided to have show my students this in class, then we went to our computer lab to complete their first passage. Each passage has 5 - 10 questions plus short response that they have to type. 

The best part is the data! Teachers love data, right? I can easily see who missed any questions and then read their short answer responses.

This makes it very easy for me to see who did well and then form small groups with my kiddos who had difficulty. Also I had one friend who is a high level reader, he missed 3, so I need to check in with him to see why.

There are so many ways a teacher can use this tool in her classroom, including assigning for homework. This is what I plan to do. 

Check it out!


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