Easy Student Gift Idea

I can't even believe we are getting so close to Christmas break! I have 8 days left....8 long days! This time of year is so stressful, remembering to buy gifts for friends and family but then also your students. This has been my go-to present for my students for the last few years. 
My students always love this and it's so quick and easy. I buy Dollar Store mugs and fill them with hot cocoa packets, candy canes and little baggies of mini marshmallows. I usually put the mugs in clear gift bags and attach a tag. Done. One reason why I like this is because all of my students can receive one, no matter what holiday they celebrate.

And you can print the tags for your class too! Click the pic to download:
I can't wait for these next 8 days to zoom by, Christmas break can't get here soon enough. I hope your last few days go by fast too!


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