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So there it is....It might be a little controversial but I made a big decision last year to switch from using composition books to binders for my students' Writer's Notebooks. 

Here was my struggle, my students wrote during writer's workshop, but often times during my mini lesson I had a list of transitions or vivid verbs......where were they to keep it? So I tried using a folder and a comp. notebook. It was just too much. Students were not using the references I gave them when they were writing.

The Writer's binder was born. Now when we get a graphic organizer, a list of transitions or have a mini-lesson on writing great grabbers, it all here in one place. They have a section for mini-lessons, seed ideas, word lists, rough drafts and published pieces. It worked like a charm! To prepare for this year, I typed up all of the resources I might need (but since it's a binder we can always add things as we go along) and I am so excited to share it with you! The cover comes editable. After you print their name on it, they can decorate it and make it their own. Last year, I did this as a home project so they could add stickers, photos, or anything they wanted.

The divider sections, I put into page protectors. Then as you need the various pages and mini-lessons you print and hand them out to add to their binders. Doing a lesson on using more adjectives in student's writing? Then add that page to their notebooks. You can get your copy by clicking on the picture:
And....just in time for Back to School, TpT is having a sale! 
Hope it's your BEST YEAR EVER!!

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  1. What a GREAT idea! I have seen both spiral notebooks and composition notebooks being used. I have also seen that in the beginning students are able to keep both types in good condition; however, overtime these notebooks do wear and tear. The spiral will unwind and cause unwanted pointy ends. The composition will cause certain students difficulty while they are writing because it will not lay flat nicely. I am a huge 3-ring binder user. Even for the paper work for my personal life is placed in 3-ring binders. I have seen teachers use 3-ring binders for students' poetry book. I love the idea of using a 3-ring binder for English Language Arts. You explained many great benefits that cause me to want to definitely use English Language Arts binders. I know they are more expensive then notebooks, but I see they are worth it when students are using them over a period of about 9 months.


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