Take the Stress Out of the Test

We are really gearing up for our state testing next week! But this time of year can really be stressful for students. As  teachers, we need to address test anxiety and try our best to calm the fears of our students. If our students feel prepared and at ease, obviously they will do better on their tests. As much as we all regret the amount of testing we have these days, for now they are here to stay.

I love to read my student books, this helps them relate to the feelings they might be having. We can talk about the book without calling anyone "out" and embarrassing them.

My other strategy is to show some "pump-up" videos. You tube has some great ones...I just searched our test, the Georgia Milestones and found some fun videos my class will love. This will really get them ready to test.

So now, we helped the kids with their stress. What about our stress?? This time of year can be so overwhelming. There is so much going on! I love this post at Edutopia. There are some great reminders on how we can take care of ourselves. 

Don't forget, take time for you!

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