I just can't even believe it's Sharing Sunday already! We decided to post up a week early since next Sunday is  Easter and probably most folks will be spending time with family, rather than planning.

My April and also here at the end of March it's crunch time! We do not have Spring Break for a couple more weeks and we are prepping big time for our big tests. We have the Georgia Milestones here in our state (I am sure no matter where you are, you are all too familiar with state testing) Here's some test prep freebies to help out:
click on the pictures to download a pdf with clickable links
We also still have a ton of curriculum to squeeze in before the big test. Our math unit this month is all measurement and line plots and after weeks and weeks of fractions, I love getting out the rulers. It is a welcome change!
And finally, after Spring Break...and I can not wait until we get a vacation, here are some fun things to do:
Do you teach in Georgia? I have some Milestones Prep packets you might love, herehere and here

Please be sure to check out the other Sharing Sunday posts, everyone will have some great ideas and freebies to share.
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Do you love St. Patrick's Day? I am not one of those teachers that get too into this holiday but I know some who really, really do! I just blogged about a really easy and super fun trick to play on your kids this St. Patrick's Day. Hop on over to The Primary Peach and check it out! 
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Literally, the end of this board walk is how far away my Spring Break feels right now! Here in Georgia we don't have Spring Break until the first full week in April! Whether you have a vacation soon or in a few weeks it is such a hard time of year to keep students engaged and not crazy people! I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I pull out at this time of the year....many of you know these all too well! But it doesn't hurt to make a quick list:

1: Change seats and change them often! I swear this is my number one trick for getting things quiet. It just doesn't last though!

2: Have morning work out and ready to go, at this point I even add a little more because they are getting their work done a little quicker. So I don't give them time to rush through and start their "chat" session.

3: Collaboration! Give them lots of opportunities for partner work and group work, this gets them get up out of their seats.

4. Choice boards and project based learning...this is the best time for this type of learning. It's active and gives students choices in the activities that fit their own learning styles. Research projects and technology project are awesome for this time of year!

5. Brain break. Ok, that's a given. But sometimes I get so wrapped up in what we are doing we forget to stop and take a break.

6. More work...this one may be a little against what some people do however, in my experience it is better to keep students working and focused. The more downtime, the more time to get crazy. So I over plan. I have lots of work planned, not busy work mind you. Just lots of things to be done.

These are the things that will help get me through until April....it's going to be a long 3 weeks though I will admit! Would you add anything to my list??
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