I can't believe it...it's almost February! I love this month. First of all, it's my birthday month and then there are so many fun events that can be celebrated in the classroom. Since it's time for Sharing Sunday, I found a bunch of great activities for Groundhog Day, Dental Health Month, and Chinese New Year to help with your planning.
To get clickable links of all resources, download the pdf here.

Hope ya'll have a great February! I can't wait!

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Did you get my Find Your Joke Partner back in August?
 It's a super fun activity your students will love, well.....I made a Valentine's Day version! This would be a really fun thing to do during your party (or like us we aren't allowed to have a party. So I need a few low key activities.) Check it out!

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I know it's a little late to start planning for tomorrow, but did you know it is National Popcorn Day this week? If you are going to celebrate this fun day in class, I have a great free unit for you!

I think we might have to pop some popcorn in my class this week! 
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I am so excited to be helping you out today with your January planning! I hope you've gotten some great ideas from all my friends at The Primary Peach. I am sharing Winter freebies with you today! 
Thanks for stopping by!

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Oh goodness....I think that since it's Saturday and we go back on Tuesday maybe I should start thinking about planning for January! Luckily we have a work day and kids don't start back until Wednesday but grades are due and we have meetings, blah , blah, blah.... Sound all too familiar?

I did update one of my very first freebies that I put on tpt this week and wanted to share it today! It is the perfect thing to put out for your students as they are coming in class the first day back, this way everyone won't be rushing to tell you about their Winter Break all at once! I usually take some time then for everyone to share their papers so then we can get back down to business. Click on the pic to download your copy:

Be sure and check out The Primary Peach tomorrow, we are doing our monthly linky Sharing Sunday. You will definitely get some great ideas for your January planning.

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