Do your students work with letter tiles? I love using Banangrams and Appletters! (Even in third grade!) Somehow the fact that they come in these cute little banana and apple pouches make it even more fun! 
You can win a set of these letter tiles and also these great differentiated activities to use with them! Enter now for your chance to win!

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We've been learning about Rocks and Minerals and along with this comes the Layers of the Earth. So today, we made models of the layers. It was so fun! I brought in play dough and here's how they turned out....
When we cut open the "Earth" everyone went ohhhhh. It was so funny! Do you study the layers of the Earth? If so, I have a great little freebie for you. This is for the students to label and glue into their Science Notebooks:
If you like this freebie and you teach 3rd Grade in Georgia, you definitely need to check out my Rocks and Minerals Unit. It it has everything you need to teach and assess these concepts. 
Have you been over to the Peach this month? We've got a great series going on.....tons and I mean tons of amazing freebies every single day! Go check them out!

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