Sharing Sunday!

Hey everyone! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and you were able to relax, only a few weeks left and then another break! I don't know about you but we still have a ton of curriculum to get through over the next few weeks, one thing we are working on is division. We have done lots and I mean lots, of hands-on work with manipulatives and now we're working on the different division strategies. So I thought I would focus my Sharing Sunday post all on this important skill....hopefully this is something you will be covering too and can use some of these ideas!
Here are some fun books to help teach Division:
Then we start learning the strategies, here are a few resources:
Then we practice our skills during Math Workshop:
Technology Resources:
Don't forget to check back with all my friends at The Primary Peach, they are sure to have some great ideas to help with your December lesson planning.

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