What's the BIG idea?

So, I was in a friend's classroom and she had the most amazing idea that I had to share.....oversized whiteboards! I love to have partners and small groups work on chart paper but often we don't need to keep the charts, or they make mistakes and want to start over. So whiteboards are perfect for this type of activity! Once we present our charts, we erase them and start over.

After school, I had to rush to Home Depot and buy some shower board. I asked the guy "very nicely" to cut it for me.....and he did it for free. The shower board comes in 4ft by 8ft so I had him cut it in half length wise first. Then he cut those in 18" pieces. So my final white boards are 24" x 18". I got 10 white boards and it cost less than $15.00. 

We've used them for our Maps and Globes Unit, each group had to make a chart on two different vocabulary words and today, we used them to make Freyer Models for Multiplication.

The possibilities are endless!

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