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I love Class Dojo, and used it all last year. They have really listened to teachers and added some great features. If you use Class Dojo, you love the Class Dojo Groups feature. I love this because my class sits in teams, we do a lot of collaborative learning. The groups feature allows me to reward the groups that are working well together. 

This is how I organize each of my groups. I got these cute little easel chalk boards at Walmart, there is a chalkboard on one side and white board on the other. On the white board side I let the my students write their names. At the beginning of the year, our groups are colors but right now we have named all our groups after breakfast cereals! That is so much fun! Would you like to get some ideas on how I name my groups? You love this: here
Another change I have made this year, is trying to give more rewards to the class and monitor the whole class points. So I made a Dojo Meter! I wanted it to look like the points doughnut on Dojo. All I do after laminating, is color it in with an Expo marker. 
Would you like to use the Dojo Meter in your room? You can get it here for free!! Once we reach our goal, we we a whole class reward like extra recess, movie day or a game day.

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