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A couple of months ago, our pastor spoke about a business book called The One Thing. Basically, it's premise is, every business or industry has "one thing" that if you know it and do it will be successful. So it got me thinking, What is the "one thing" for educators? What is the one thing that makes a successful teacher?

By most accounts, I am successful at what I do. I get great comments on all my reviews, parents and students love me (sorry if I am bragging...I am trying to make a point!) I am very highly organized, is that the "one thing"?  I am very good at meeting the needs of all the learners in my classroom. Is that the "one thing"? It's definitely NOT my nicely decorated classroom!

Here's what I think it is...

I have always worked on building strong relationships with my students. I have had many students who were behavior problems before they came to me, but I just took the time to build a positive relationship them. I am not saying they were perfect angels for me! But a relationship of trust and genuine caring can make a huge difference in a child's desire to want to cooperate in the classroom. Clip charts and behavior management systems can NEVER take the place of a genuine relationship only the teacher can provide!

The second relationship I think is very important is the teacher/parent relationship. Parents need to know we are on their side and we are working for the best interest of their babies! I have met so many colleagues over the years that conflict with parents just over "control" issues and for the right to be "right". It's not worth it, positive relationships with your parents will benefit you and the students! It's a win-win for everyone. 

So, that's my one thing.......what is your ONE THING????

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  1. Great post Deanna! It doesn't matter if its personal or professional, building relationships is key!

    The Resourceful Apple


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