July Currently

Love that it's the first of the month and I have time to do my Currently! Summer is just wonderful.....time to sleep in, get some work done, spend time with the family. I hope that you are spending time doing what you love during these summer months. 

Listening: Ahh, England lost tonight so now the US plays Japan for the finals. We have been loving the soccer in our house!

Loving: Summer, need I say more?

Thinking: Planning our Fourth of July fireworks celebration....we go to watch fireworks and bring a picnic to eat while we are waiting for them to begin. I love this time of year.

Wanting: I had a large format printer that stopped working, I am thinking of replacing it to print larger size posters for my classroom. They have really come down in price since the last time I bought one.

Needing: I really want to start getting ahead with my planning for next year. I started but need to keep working!

All Star: Organizer...I love to organize and reorganize. I can't work if I'm unorganized! 

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  1. Deanna, I'm loving summer too! So sad that it's half over for me tomorrow! Hope you have a great Fourth of July weekend! Join my newest link-up at

    The Third Grade Nest

  2. Hi Deanna! I found your blog on Farley's Currently! I love summer too! I am only 3 days into my summer so I still have a lot of soaking-in-the-sun days left! Fourth of July is always a fun holiday. I love to watch my nieces and newphews watch in amazement as the fireworks go off!
    I think being an organizer comes with the job! So many teachers are great at being organized. I am at awesome at making lists! It totally helps keep organized and i love crossing stuff off my lists!
    Have a great fourth of July with your family. Picnic and fireworks with family.... what a blessing!


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