Reluctant Readers

I was inspired this morning by a post by my friend Tammy at The Resourceful Apple, she wrote a wonderful post about her boys and encouraging them to LOVE reading. I have two children in my house. Both are complete opposites:

This is one:
This is the other:

You can see where this is headed....he never wants to read. I have to beg him. Even if it is nonfiction and on a topic like soccer that he loves, he asks "How much longer." "Am I done yet?" It is a constant struggle. But one thing I have found he will willingly read is a magazine!

He especially loves Sports Illustrated Kids and any animal magazines. The benefit for me is two fold....I get the magazines for my family and then I take them to school. It's a win-win! My reluctant readers love to read them. It is the first thing my students want to do at "Read to a Partner" time. 

I know magazines can be pricey so here are some tips for getting magazines for your classroom:

-Unused airline miles....I actually got most of mine through an airline my husband no longer flies on.

-Fundraisers, another way I got a few subscriptions. I am helping out my daughters chorus program and getting magazines for school at the same time.

-Parent or PTA donations. Don't forget to put magazines on your back-to-school wishlists.

-Maybe your own children can get them as gifts from grandparents? (Our American Girl subscription is from Grandma)

-Samples...requests samples from companies. Many including National Geographic Kids have great websites to visit too!

When you are thinking about getting kids reading this summer, don't forget that magazines are a great way (and a fun way) to sneak in some reading time.

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  1. Love it Deanna! The boys in my class are the same way and LOVE all my magazines! Another great place to get cheap subscriptions is... Living Social and Groupon! I always get year long subscriptions for $5-$10 :o)


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