The Real Teachers of Blog County: Pet Peeves

I am linking up today for the next installment of the Real Teachers of Blog County. This month's topic is....Pet Peeves! I am fairly easy going and not much pushes my buttons. But I am pretty organized and I dislike messes. I really encourage my people to clean up after themselves and take care of our classroom, put things away where they go etc. So my biggest pet peeve is THINGS ALL OVER THE FLOOR. I hate tripping over jackets, books, papers and seeing pencils and glue sticks everywhere. It drives me crazy! Especially in winter when we have so many jackets and coats everywhere. Our hooks for the backpacks just can't handle everything to be hung up so they just end up on the floor. It literally drives me insane. Spring can't come quick enough so we can get rid of all the jackets and coats. Well, that and spring break would be nice too.

How about you? What is your biggest pet peeve? Link up to post yours!

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