I just love February! It's my birthday month and Valentine's Day. The weather this month though is usually ugly in Georgia....my husband calls it Febugly (if that's how you even spell it). With the rain today, it's living up to the nickname!

The first of the month also means it's time to link up with Farley for this month's Currently:

Most of it is self explanatory....my pageant title was an easy one! I love to organize! I think about how I am going to reorganize my organization.  How about you? Are you super organized or a bit messy?

I hope your February is fabulous!

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  1. Oh goodness! I'd be much more likely to be named Miss It's Around Here Somewhere. Thankfully I have a few organized teammates to keep me on track. We need all different kinds of strengths to be an effective school. :)
    Not very fancy

  2. I would like to be organized... But sadly, I fail at it most days. Today, I successfully organized a bookshelf in my house, though!

  3. I could use some of your organization. I have great intentions, but I'm not great with the follow through!
    Carolina Teacher

  4. Cute blog!! I visited Atlanta back in August for the first time! I had a blast! My husband was born in Ohio and is a total Buckeye fan!! My grade level partner and I just received a grant last year for $12,000. We were so excited when we found out we received it. We got 20 iPads, 2 Apple t.v.'s, and a charging cart. We are loving it! We want to apply this year again because we know how much more we can do! Good luck!!


  5. First of all, I am loving your blog design! Hope you came up with some good ideas for your mini-grant. My district has those as well thorough our PTA and I used mine for some math workshop resources, as we are starting its implementation. Hope you had a great Monday!

    Paiges of Learning


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