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Do you have a 1:1 tablet or BYOD classroom? One thing I have found that my student's love is Today's Meet. Today's Meet is an online chat room, you set up the room prior to the class session. You give your room a name (I name our room with my last name and the word "chat")  To log on the website is very easy. It will be' name of the room).

Here are some ways I have used Today's Meet in my class:
-I post a morning message each morning with a question. After their morning work, they log on to answer. On the 100th day, I posted this: I wish I had 100...... Or this morning I asked "If you could be paleontologist, what kind of fossil would you hope to find?
-I also have used Today's Meet during close reading. When I would stop and lead the discuss, I would also pose a question to be answered via Today's Meet. I might ask for students to find evidence in the passage and then type their answer. This really gives everyone a chance to answer the question or voice their opinion.
-Finally, Today's Meet can be used to have a classroom discussion for homework. I just caution this one, though! I have found if it is used outside of school, my students tended to get a little silly with their communication. I would set very specific perimeters and guidelines before doing this!

Today's Meet is free! But for a small monthly fee you can have some added features. I really found these very helpful. With the added features, you can pause the room. This way the room won't get used after school hours without your knowledge :) You can delete a comment that is off topic, or kick off a user that is not following the guidelines of the conversation. The last thing, it enables you to do is type the topic or question in a header at the top.

Here are 10 ways you can use Today's Meet in you class or school:

My class loves Today's Meet and I love the level of student engagement while we are using it!

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