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I am sure you have heard of Kid President, right?That kid is awesome and my class loves him. Well, he had this amazing new idea, it's called a BOOK! Yes, a book. It's a new, old idea. He wants people to send their favorite books to kids or anyone who can use them. Just pass them on!

My friend Felisha at Oh Snap! teaches ESOL at a school not far from me and she leads an ESOL club. She is trying to collect books for incentives for her ESOL students to read more. So, I thought......we can #BookItForward to her awesome ESOL readers! I can't wait for my kiddos to start bringing in those books and I can't wait to get a package of books off to her.....I know she is going to be so excited!

Would you like to #BookItForward? Here's the video!

As Kid President would say "Get out there and change the world" 

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  1. Holy owl!!! This is the best!! Bunches of thanks!!


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