A New Year!

Happy New Year! Today we ate black eyed peas and greens, I just know 2015 is going to be a great year. It's off to an awesome start so far. I am linking up with Farley for the very first Currently of 2015!

My Florida State Seminoles are loosing right now, so I am crossing my fingers going into the fourth quarter :( It's not looking good right now!

I am so excited to be meeting some fellow Georgia Bloggers tomorrow for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! So many of these ladies I just know via Facebook, so to meet them face to face is going to be so much fun!

Grades, blah. They speak for themselves.

Yes, I am trying to give up all soda. It's going to be sooooooo hard but I really, really want to do it.

Maybe, I would like to start some sort of exercise program. Some friends at school stay after to workout, so I am going to start there.

I wish....it really is more like a goal to work on growing my tpt store and creating more products!

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