A fun pumpkin activity..........

I was inspired this week by a Pinterest picture I saw. This mom has a great website called lemon lime adventures. (She must be an amazing momma!) She gave her kids candy pumpkins and did some STEM and science experiments. Which reminded me of something my daughter did in her 6th grade STEM class. They compared The Scientific Process with The Engineering Design Process.......so bam! The idea hit me! Let's do that with the candy pumpkins. So I created two experiments, one is a STEM project with the pumpkins where they have to build a tower and the other is a science experiment where they have to put the pumpkins in four different liquids. After both experiments are over, we will compare/contrast the two processes. This should be VERY interesting as I only have third graders! If you would like to try it, you can get your copy here. The best thing is.....Halloween candy will be on sale after next week and this is not a Halloween project!

I am planning on doing this on Friday, hoping that by doing something fun it will help them from being too wild and crazy since it is Halloween. What are you going to do on Halloween? What are your survival tactics to get through the day?
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