Have you discovered these posters yet?
If you teach 3-5th grades, you have to check these out. I discovered them on tpt when I was looking for a culminating activity for our unit on Paul Revere. These posters were just the thing I was looking for. She is able to put so much information on one page, it amazes me! So I bought this one to finish out our unit on Pollution. It is great to use as an assessment grade at the end of a unit also. The best part is.....most sell for $1.25 or $1.50 AND they look awesome hanging in the hallway! Our administrators want to see evidence of "rigor" in the work we hang in the hallway. How much better than that can you get? Check them out on tpt here.
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Do you have students who just can't make friends or get along with each other? Every year I struggle with a few students who have these problems. I get frustrated because it interferes with our learning time but I also know that often these children come to school without having learned the social skills they need to get along with others.

Luckily I found this awesome freebie to help out. It's just a great visual reminder of what students can to do to be a good friend. You can get a copy here. Plus, how cute is it?? I love it and it will look great on the wall. She also has a great activity pack you might be interested in. You can check that out here. Enjoy!

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Our school just went wireless. We've been wireless for the teacher's laptops but now we are allowing students access online with their own devices! So I volunteered along with a some other teachers in my school to be a B.Y.O.D. classroom. I just jumped right in without thinking much about how to manage it and it was not a great idea. I had students trying to look at their devices while I was teaching. I also had a student leave his device outside the classroom door unattended while he transitioned to another room! So I took a step back, went over the rules again and implemented a few new routines. I am now putting up signs on the board to show when they can access their devices and when they need to be left alone.
I also made a consequences sheet for when the rules are broken. A few students had to put them back in their backpacks, now I can have documentation of a each occurrence. The last problem I was having is the space on their desks.....those devices were just too tempting sitting right in front of them. I found the best solution at Office Depot They make these little plastic business card holders that even hold up an ipad. It works awesome, and if a student doesn't have a device....it makes a great pencil holder! (Plus they are only .99 in the store)
There are still a bunch of challenges ahead of me.....on Friday we tried to use our devices to access an online game called Kahoot and the game froze and kicked us out! I still need to work on lists of aps and websites. So it's a work in progress!

If you are interested in downloading my posters, you can get freebies here! I would love to hear how you manage devices in your classroom, yours or student owned.
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Congratulations to Jennifer N. winner of the giveaway! Thanks to all who entered!

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What a cute design for the September Currently!
I love the three little campers at the bottom! The three places I want to take trips to are New York (I love New York City) Washington D.C.  and the Grand Canyon. We have never been to D.C. or the Grand Canyon and both are on our list for family vacations in the future.

Link up with Farley to do your Currently if you haven't already AND while you are here...scroll down and enter my very first giveaway! I am giving away an awesome set of custom designed classroom magnets!
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