I am so excited to announce my first giveaway! First of all, I fell in love with the product I am giving away today. And the ladies who make them are amazing, their customer service is wonderful. More about that in a minute........

So here they are:
I found these magnets last year on tpt and ordered a set for my Daily Five choice board. I was frustrated because regular magnets do not stick to anything that is laminated! Especially with hot glue. These magnets saved my day!

Here is a little snapshot of my Daily Five choices and the student's magnets on their choices.

It worked out so well, I went back to the ladies at tea and coffee and ordered another set for my library rotations. No more "Can I go to the library?" All they do is move their magnets when they are ready to go to the media center.

So this year, I was completely freaked out by the fact that I had 29 students! I only had 25 magnets. I emailed the ladies at tea and coffee and they matched up my magnet sets and and mailed the rest of the numbers I needed! That's when I had the wonderful idea to give a set away to one lucky person. They are coming out with some really cute new designs too and they can design anything you want........so enter maybe you can get a free set! I would love to see how you use them.

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I decided to take the summer off and get some much needed rest and relaxation. It was a GREAT summer, and then when school started it has taken me a good month to get my feet under me and feel like I've got a handle on what I am doing!

I am still in third this year so at least I did not change grade levels, but I was made grade chair. And I've revamped a bunch of things in my room this year. Many things that were on my list last year, that I just didn't get around to.

One of the biggest things I have started this year is that I have ditched the clip chart! I read a bunch of great blog posts and articles about how clip charts don't really change inappropriate behaviors in problem students and it's humiliating for children to be "called out" in front of their peers. So my school is pushing Class Dojo this year and I hopped on board.

It really is very user friendly to customize for your class. It makes you remember to see the good things they are doing and even if they get points taken away, they are always able to earn points back. I was able to get all my parents to sign up to check their child's points (amazing) and the parents can send you messages. I like this because I can see them on my phone, like a text message and I don't necessarily have to log on to my school email to respond.

I am having my students turn in points on Fridays, since they don't always want to use all their points I made a points tracker sheet where they can add and subtract points on Fridays. You can get this cute freebie on tpt here!

My inspiration for my rewards was this amazing Pin on Pinterest! I loved this idea when I saw it and immediately bought her Coupon Binder on tpt. I just made my drawers match Dojo points and its working great.
Well, now that I'm back I will get some classrooom pics up soon! Thanks for sticking with me :)
Hope everyone has a great year!

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