Currently April Edition!

So happy to see April here at last! That means one thing and only one thing to me....Spring Break. It better be nice and warm and sunny in Florida or someone will have some explaining to do! Here is my Currently for April, link up with Farley to do yours!
Listening: Criminals Minds....this show freaks me out every time. Gives me bad dreams, but the hubby loves it.
Loving: My students have gotten hooked on writing poetry and they are doing great. All I did was introduce some of the different forms and gave them some examples and they have gone crazy! Daily Five is now Poetry Writing Time!
Thinking: I am barely going to make it through the next two days, these kids are killing me with their talking. But I am going to hang in there. I can do it!
Wanting: A new bathing suit for Florida next week but have no time for shopping.
Needing: To finish grading so I don't have to take papers with me on break.
Hours: We have meetings on Tues and Thurs so we go until 4:45.....30 minutes was added to our day because of snow days, its been rough. Last day is May 23, it will be here before we know it!

Happy Spring Break to me! Did you have yours yet?


  1. You have the same last day as me- May 23rd! Funny. Won't be long now.

  2. I have to wait for two weeks for Spring Break. But I'm hanging in there. I have started reading poetry with my students and am immersing them in reading poetry. Next week (most likely) I am going to begin writing poetry. I am really excited as well. My students last year really enjoyed poetry. I use Regie Routman's Kid's Poem book to teach it. What do you use?

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