February Currently!

Can't believe how fast this school year is going! I love February, it's my birthday month and I love Valentine's Day in the classroom. I have been focusing on "kindness" in my classroom this year. In fact, our word of 2014 is kindness. I heard this song and we are using it as our theme song. It's called Nothing More

It basically says, we are how we treat each other and nothing more. I love this song and we've been playing it to remind ourselves how to treat our classmates. I also do a kindness project, where we do Random Acts of Kindness throughout our school. Last year, I did the whole month of February! Way too ambitious, so this year we will go up until Feb. 14th. So here's to a great February!

Listening: To the Super Bowl and not that I am a big fan of either of these teams, I do like Peyton Manning. So we were cheering for the Broncos, but its not looking so good at this point!

Loving: I made that yummy queso with Velveeta and Rotel tomatoes. My family thought I was a rock star, they loved it!

Thinking: Speaks for itself, the commercials during the Super Bowl are so funny. I especially love the Doritos and the time machine!

Wanting: My class was so talkative last week, we had two snow days which is not normal for the Metro Atlanta area! The snow just caused a big uproar!

Needing: I go into my basement to pull books for our next month or upcoming units and I still need to get down there even though it's almost 8:00 on Sunday night!

2 Facts: I DO love cupcakes and I am not much of a dancer. I have never really loved going out dancing, I feel silly when I do.
1 Fib: I watch entirely too much TV, Downton Abbey is my newest obsession!

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  1. I am watching the game, too, but cheering for the Seahawks. I LOVE queso! Enjoy your night and I hope your kiddos are calmer this week now that the snow is over!
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

  2. I am now hearing the Superbowl in the background as well. Wishing I could try some of your yummy queso! My poor children were noisy too... too may cold rainy days in a row and no outside play! Hopefully the sun will come out!


  3. Hey! Found your blog through Currently and I am your newest follower. I am listening to the Superbowl too and it is not looking good for Peyton and the Broncos. I am not much of a football fan either and we are mostly watching for the commercials. Good luck getting your books ready for next week!
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  4. Hi Deanna! I bet that snow storm did cause an uproar! Hope everything is better this week!
    Not very fancy

  5. I can totally understand the rowdy class syndrome! I only have 13 students this year and I swear they are louder than any other class I've ever had, especially the boys! I was rooting for the Broncos, too but it turned into a mess pretty quickly and I lost interest.
    Second Grade Signpost


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