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I have a few random things to share today! I know I have talked about close reads before but I have to share a great idea I had. I had typed up the close reading codes and was having my students use them as bookmarks, which works ok. But you always have the student who looses everything! We usually do close reading at the floor with our clipboards holding the passage we are reading. That's where my great idea came in....I taped the codes to the clipboards with packing tape! They turned out super, now all they have to do is flip up the page to see the codes and they will not get lost!

You can get a copy of my close reading codes here...it is a freebie!  

The next random thing I want to share are two amazing websites. Have you ever wanted to show your class a youtube video only to be a little embarrassed about the ads and other stuff around it? Plus if your class is anything like mine, they starting giving me "directions" on which video they want me to click next. This new website is a great way to share videos, minus all the other distractions. Go to Safe Share, copy your youtube link or any other video link and it gives you a safe url. Our district is starting to explore flipped classroom models and this would be a safe way to include a video link for your students on your website. 

The next website is a super cool one....at Voki you can create or have your students create their own talking avatars! I love these...I especially love how you can type in the text and the avatar will speak it. You can even change the language and accent. It doesn't have a Southern one though and ya'll I was bummed about that!
There are so many things you can do with this website and I have barely scratched the surface. You can even embed the avatar into power point presentations you make, how fun is that?
Hope you enjoy playing around with these websites and maybe they will turn out to be useful!

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