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I am really getting into the close reading strategy. I found some great freebies for Text Coding and a great website for finding reading passages....so I really felt like I wanted to share these with you.

Here's a great Prezi presentation that will help explain the Close Reading strategy.

I started out teaching my students some text codes. I found this cute freebie with some simple text codes.
After teaching the text codes we began with some simple passages. I always model proper fluency and expression first. Then  I give the students a copy for them to code.This freebie has some ready to use bookmarks with the text codes. I also give them some comprehension questions. We have been talking about thick and thin questions. Questions that are "right there" in the text or "right in their head". I have been letting them answer the comprehension questions with a partner and highlight the text evidence to support their answer. To end the session we have an open forum where students can share their ah-ha moments, questions and thoughts about the reading.This strategy has tied in great with our persuasive writing unit and author's purpose. I just love when it all comes together!

This is the AMAZING website where you can find free passages on so many topics. I was so excited when a friend recommended it to me. Check it out! Read Works 

So this week is Halloween, not really my personal favorite holiday....especially when it falls during the week. It makes kids bananas! I think they should make Halloween and the day after a holiday from school. But since that is not going to happen I made a little unit to work on that day. It includes a candy sorting activity and a human bingo game. You can get it free right here!

 Have a great Halloween, try not to eat too much candy!

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