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Seems like I am only getting around to a post about once a month. My new position is really challenging me! Learning new curriculum though has given me a chance to make some new products for use in my room. Honestly, if I can't use it right now then I don't have time to create it! We study various historical figures in Georgia so Paul Revere has been our love learning about these history guys. So I have made a few things for tpt about Paul Revere.

One was a writing frame, students write about what they have learned about Paul Revere. This one is a freebie!  Paul Revere Writing Freebie

The next one is a Choice Board. I have been focusing on giving my student's choices in their activities, so this one is a great assessment for Paul Revere. Students choose the activity they want to complete.
Paul Revere Choice Board There is a grading rubric included on this choice board.

The last one I just finished and we had so much fun with this....It is a Quiz, Quiz, Trade game to review for the Paul Revere test. It's called I Mustache You A Question About Paul Revere. Students walk about putting mustaches up to their faces and asking their friends questions abut Paul. It was a blast!

One more awesome idea......I found this great website called Classroom Timers. It has some great timers for use in your room, fireworks, sand timer, dynamite and others. I set the timer for snack time, or when I just need to make sure everyone is focusing! The kids keep asking me "Are you going to set a timer???" Love it when something little motivates them to stay on track.

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  1. Deanna, Sounds like you have been really productive:) I am with you in that if it is not for my classroom, then I won't be making it! Things are super busy. Thanks for the tip on the timer. I am going to check it out!

    The Resourceful Apple


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