A new county, a new school, a new grade level!

I can't believe it has been a month since my last post! I have gone though a ton of changes...I was finally offered a job in the public school after trying for two years to get a position. So happy, relieved, excited and now a little overwhelmed! I am teaching third grade, a grade I haven't taught in ten years. So I have been working furiously on my room, learning a new curriculum, county, and school. I thought I would share a little bit of my room and then hopefully this week get up a new product I am working on.
A peek into my classroom:
This is the one and only bulletin board I have, so I divided it up into calendar with our meeting space/easel under it. Common Core, I can statements in the middle. And in the green section, I did a birthday board.

Here are some up close shots.

The calendar: I got the calendar math practice from
Teaches Third in Georgia and I love this product!

Here are my Common Core "I Can Statements" they
were freebies! I totally love things that are free!
        Language Arts     and     Math

I did a birthday bag wall after I got the idea on Pinterest!
I found the little polka dot bags at Dollar Tree and the Owl
poster set at Office Depot, I am putting little treats in the bags.

Some other shots:

My Essential Questions (another Pinterest inspired project)
I really wish I could have gotten different Dollar Tree
frames though. Why is it that my projects do not turn
out quite as cute as the ones on Pinterest???

My new Reading Center. My teammate found these
shelves at a garage sale for $10 each! There is another
one for chapter books too! I did something I have never
done....I don't have my baskets organized AT ALL. They
never keep them organized anyway so I thought why fight it?
So, they are just in any random basket. I am going to 
see how crazy it makes me!

Here are my organizers for Math Workshop groups 
Daily Five groups. I will put up names under each
chart to show where they go.

The last picture is of my behavior clip chart!
I love love love this freebie! We do the 7 Habits
in our school, and this clip chart has cute poems
to go with each color. It is awesome! (Our grade 
level did decide to leave out one color!)

Hope you enjoy the little tour...now on to lesson plans! Have a great and productive week!

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