July Goals

I found this cute little blog call I Heart Recess, and she has this great linky for your goals for the month so I decided to link up! Here are mine for July:

Personal: I have been doing my usual organizing madness as I do every summer. So I have done all my school stuff in the basement, the disaster room aka, the playroom. Now I have to work on the garage and I might be finished!

Family: I really need to put aside the to-do list and remember this is my children's summer break and try to give them some fun things to do....we are going to a comedy show for kids thisWednesday at a local theater. It's been so rainy, I am trying to find indoor things to do!

Health: Step away from the dessert...enough said!

School: Well....I am changing schools and grade levels this year!!! Whoop Whoop! So excited! I am going to be teaching third grade and want to decide on a theme for my decor and it so hard. I am thinking owls but fear it might be overused? I just want something I can live with all year long......

Blog/tpt: I have so many things I start that I need to finish....

Outside the box: My new job will be one that will allow us to save more money, thank goodness! It will be nice to finally get ahead! I feel so lucky and blessed to have gotten this job and can't wait to meet my team and my new "friends"!

So much to do and only a few weeks left of summer....what are your goals?


  1. Deanna, How about pirates? Deanna Jump used it a few years ago and Mrs. Russell's Room has some great resources too:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  2. Thanks Tammy! I will check out Mrs. Russell....i need to make a decision soon! I don't know why I am making it so difficult!

  3. We basically have the same Out of the Box goal. I need to save money and stop buying so many clothes! I chose my classroom theme the minute I knew what grade I was in next year. Mine isn't really a theme. Just a pattern I will have on EVERYTHING!

    my classroom is my runway


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