Are you doing the Daily Five? I am trying my hand at it this year so I have been trying to find as many resources as I can get my hands on...I have of course read the book. Here is an amazing freebie, as in "I can't believe it is free" freebie! So if you are just starting or full into the Daily Five, it's worth downloading.

The Daily Five FREE Classroom Resources       

Check it out!

Ya'll, I am so excited for my new job! I am moving to public school this has taken me two years to get a job since moving to Georgia! I am so so happy!!!! I am going to be teaching 3rd grade so the focus of my blog is probably going to be moving a little away from primary to third so I hope I can still be relevant to people following me, maybe gain some new followers?

Meanwhile, I am trying to find new things out there for the new year, I'm on pinterest and tpt every free moment! Here's one cute thing I found this morning and it's free! So here's one for back to school for any primary grade, I feel like I can even work it in for beginning third graders.

Here are some cute pinterest projects I have got to work on:

I have yet to figure out how to link up my pinterest with my blog???? So I apologize for not being able to give credit to the talented people who ideas are above.....but they are all great ideas that I want to do! Now I need to go check out some great third grade blogs....any recommendations?
I found this cute little blog call I Heart Recess, and she has this great linky for your goals for the month so I decided to link up! Here are mine for July:

Personal: I have been doing my usual organizing madness as I do every summer. So I have done all my school stuff in the basement, the disaster room aka, the playroom. Now I have to work on the garage and I might be finished!

Family: I really need to put aside the to-do list and remember this is my children's summer break and try to give them some fun things to do....we are going to a comedy show for kids thisWednesday at a local theater. It's been so rainy, I am trying to find indoor things to do!

Health: Step away from the dessert...enough said!

School: Well....I am changing schools and grade levels this year!!! Whoop Whoop! So excited! I am going to be teaching third grade and want to decide on a theme for my decor and it so hard. I am thinking owls but fear it might be overused? I just want something I can live with all year long......

Blog/tpt: I have so many things I start that I need to finish....

Outside the box: My new job will be one that will allow us to save more money, thank goodness! It will be nice to finally get ahead! I feel so lucky and blessed to have gotten this job and can't wait to meet my team and my new "friends"!

So much to do and only a few weeks left of summer....what are your goals?

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