Another summer read....

I have really been enjoying reading Whole Brain Teaching! My thoughts on the first few chapters! I do pretty good! Chapter 3 talks about how bad teaching breeds challenging students and how many teachers make mistakes that do them in. Thankfully, I do not fall into any of these "traps" but you can see how if you did it would make your job that much harder.      

  1. Loosing your temper (never good)
  2. Confronting rebellious students (it will only make them bolder)
  3. Being disorganized (this is definitely not my problem)
  4. Not liking your job...I mean if you don't love this need need to quit!
  5. The less work you do outside of class, the more work your class will be. (Face it that's why good teachers spend so much of their free time working on teaching stuff, writing, blogging, researching)
  6. You can't mold your students into little versions of yourself.
  7. Grow or have to be constantly learning yourself. Growing, evolving. I really like this teachers we should let our students know that we are also students ourselves. Always striving to learning new things.
I can't wait to keep reading more about their actual strategies!

I am also reading this great book:

Quite a few schools in my area use it and the "Be The Leader" program so I really wanted to learn more. My own children use it in their school. I love the 7 habits and want to use them in my classroom next year. I found some great resources on tpt to help out with this....including these great and FREE posters!


Hope you are having a wonderfully relaxing and productive summer so far! I still have so many things on my to-do list but the pool keeps calling my name......................

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