ah summer....and where have I been?

ah summer.....I have just been plain overwhelmed these last few weeks. There tons of things I could have blogged about or links I should have linked up with up and just never did. Report cards, class picnic, end of the year conferences. Plus if you have your own personal children at home, just multiply by the number of children you have and it officially equals super busy. At these times something just has to give!

So I have been thinking about my summer bucket list. It's going to go by fast so I need to really decide what I want to accomplish. My first priority is to organize my basement. I am so fortunate that I do not take everything I own to school, I keep everything in the basement and just take what I need. But I don't always return it in a very organized manner when I am finished! So a complete overhaul is needed, plus I plan to finally pitch some files and stuff. I have so many file folders with papers that just need to go, I really keep everything important digitally now anyway.

Next on my list is to work on some more tpt units. I have so many unfinished things that I have started. So I really need to finish those up and try to finish some of the ideas floating around in my head!

Finally, some summer reading. I was trying to think of what to read this summer when I turned on my computer this morning and read Growing Kinders blog about Whole Brain Teaching. I have been hearing a ton of great things about it and the results people are having in their rooms. So this is really exciting me! If you are interested in Whole Brain Teaching, link up and read with us. I am going to be posting my thoughts on the book and how I might use it next year.

Click here to jump to Amazon to pick up the book. 

This YouTube link is a great resource, especially if you one that likes to see something in action! There are a bunch a great videos to watch!

The author of Whole Brain Teaching Chris Biffle also has an excellent website.

So now, I just need to download the book to my computer/phone and start reading! I hope you take time this summer to grow professionally but relax and recharge your batteries too!

Happy Summer :)

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